Vision and Mission

Ceekay Associates (CKA) is committed to providing unsurpassable construction and engineering solutions for its customers. We understand the crucial nature of our activities and the necessity to devote our best to provide a strong stable foundation for our clients to chart their business growth.

At CKA, we believe in exceeding customer expectations with high quality, competitively priced projects that are always delivered on time. We also have an abiding belief in continuous improvement of process design and work environment that synergises into a strong, stable, efficient and highly capable team which can always deliver results. To achieve our objectives, we have integrated a fourfold mission and vision statement that epitomises our philosophy and business ethics into our company culture.

Maintain Domestic Market Leadership with Quality Products and Competitive Prices.

Ensure Continuing Customer Satisfaction Through Timely Delivery of Projects.

Continue Improvements and Product Design Process Technology and Work Environment and Thus Offer Improved Products and Services.

Bring About Involvement of All Employees in Achieving the Above Objectives.

At CKA, we believe our work is the best testimony to our principles. We intend to continue delivering exceptional quality projects to bolster our practical and ethical philosophy.

Our Prestigious Clients