Since its inception, Ceekay Associates has been associated with excellence and dependability. Both before and after its transformation into a private limited company, we have completed numerous domestic and international projects including the Indira Gandhi Centre for Indian Culture at Vacoas-Phoenix in Mauritius.

Our dedication to quality and time-bound delivery has been demonstrated time and again by our work completion schedules. One of our earlier projects in 1974 was from the Ganna Vikas Parishad for the construction of a 6 km road. It was challenging work involving collection, consolidation and pre-mix seal coat. Our expertise, use of high quality materials and dedication to meeting timelines allowed us to complete the entire project in just 3 months.

Following this success, we received our first major contract valued at Rs. 20 lakhs from the Bazpur Cooperative Sugar Factory Ltd. in 1975. The work involved complete construction of the plant and equipment foundations for the customer's distillery unit.

Our dedication to delivering quality work on schedule is further highlighted by the construction of two FCI godowns with a storage capacity of 5,000 metric tonnes each in 1978. Both structures were completed in a record time of just six months.

Since then, we have completed a number of prestigious projects for various clients including U.P Cooperative Sugar Factories Federation Ltd., Bajaj Group, Dhampur Sugar Mills, NBCC, Reliance Industries and Triveni Engineering & Industries, Simbhaoli Group, Jindal SAW Ltd, PWD (Road Work) and numerous others.

Some of the major Award Winning jobs done during the earliest years are summarized here under:

In 1974, Ganna Vikas Parishad, Bazpur, awarded us a challenging job for construction of a 6 km. Long road ( including collection, consolidation pre-mixing seal coat ) and this job was completed in a record period of three months.

In 1975, the company was first awarded a major contract, valued at Rs. 20 lacs by the Bazpur cooperative Sugar Factory Ltd., Bazpur, for completed construction of plant building, equipment foundations etc. for their Distillery Unit.

In 1978, we had constructed two FCI Godowns ( 5000 M.T. storage capacity each ) for Zila Parishad, Rampur, at a cost of Rs. 9 lacs and the job was completed in a record period of six months.

Since 1978 onwards, we have completed a number of prestigious projects, awarded to us, for the following:

  • Jindal Saw Limited
  • Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited
  • DCM Shriram Considated Ltd
  • Gobind Sugar Mill Limited
  • The Saksaria Biswan Sugar Factory Ltd.
  • Montari Industries Ltd.
  • Bajaj Group of Industries
  • Reliance Engineering Associates Pvt. Ltd.
  • Tehri Hydro Development Corpn. Ltd.
  • U.P. Coop.Sugar Factories Federation Ltd.
  • and many more...

Our Prestigious Clients