About Us

Ceekay Associates is a provider of diverse engineering construction services across India and abroad. The company builds quality engineering works such as buildings, foundations, factories and other infrastructure work across various industries and regions including remote and harsh climatic locations.

We have over half a century of experience in building the nation's infrastructure. Our rich history of constructing quality structural engineering works has given us an in-depth expertise into the industry and allowed us to deliver projects within time and budgeted outlays. Our team of architects, engineers and technicians have completed a vast range of public and corporate construction works that have helped municipal governments and enterprises to enhance their infrastructure levels well beyond prescribed requirements.

We use the highest quality and optimal raw materials for our constructions. Each project is planned in extensive detail at the initial stages with timelines and cost allocations formulated well in advance. We plan for all contingencies and roadblocks that might delay the project and incorporate all factors that may lead to incidental overruns into the overall mission planning. This helps us to be fully prepared to meet all situations and avoid any contingencies that might slowdown the work. Each blueprint is drawn up by experts and doubly scrutinised for gaps. Moreover, every individual involved in the project is allocated specific responsibilities. This helps us to keep the morale high throughout the period and finish projects well within time and budgets. Our focus on our people has also allowed us to create a well-rounded team of construction experts who can take up any project at any location.

We are headquartered in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh but have engineered civil and structural works across various states in India including Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Karnataka as well as our home state of Uttar Pradesh. Our experience has also allowed us to enter international markets. We have successfully built the Indira Gandhi Centre for Indian Culture at Vacoas-Phoenix in Mauritius. Apart from direct execution in various industries, we have also provided consultancy for a Sugar Mill in Ethiopia. In addition to catering to all sectors with quality engineering works, we have particular expertise in delivering turnkey solutions in the Infrastructure, Power & Energy, Steel and Sugar industries.

Our Prestigious Clients