Organization of CEEKAY Associates Pvt. Ltd.

The organisational structure of Ceekay Associates (CKA) has been designed to work along functional lines. This operational model helps our various employees to coordinate with each other within and across teams, and build and deliver high quality projects in time.

Our team comprises of highly qualified and extremely skilled executives, engineers, technicians and supervisory staff with extensive experience in project administration and proven management and leadership abilities. Each individual also has in-depth and vast experience in advanced construction technologies and materials. The employees are divided across functional teams with company-specific responsibilities and projects allocated to each individual.

The overall management of the company is conducted by a nominee appointed by our Board of Directors. The nominee acts on behalf of the entire Board and is responsible for the general and overall management of CKA. The management team oversees the general functioning of each functional division and keeps a direct open line of communication with each unit. Each of these divisions reports directly to a member of the general management team.

Our Business Development Division establishes the company's policy on technical and commercial development. They also manage and coordinate its implementation. The Construction and Procurement Division handles a vast array of responsibilities. The technical expertise of its personnel helps them to execute development and engineering functionalities in projects. In addition, they are responsible for procurement and quality control including testing of building materials. Personnel from this division are also used to staff the Project Execution Team which is a sub-unit of the Projects Division, a unit with which the Construction and Procurement Division coordinates closely.

The Projects Division manages all construction and structural engineering activities. They are responsible for the technical and economic optimisation and diversification of all works as well as all related plans required to seamlessly complete projects. They also form and direct the Project Execution Team. The Construction Division is responsible for onsite execution of works and operates in close coordination with the Project and Construction & Procurement divisions. We also have a separate Monitoring Cell that tracks and manages quality standards and work schedules and oversees cost control.

We take special care of our people. We have a rigorous checklist of safety guidelines and procedures that each member of our team follows. Our focus on well-being of all workers ensures that even the unskilled and temporary manpower have access to the same safety processes. Among the numerous processes, one specific aspect is the wearing of protective clothing that guards the body against any harm. These include special shoes and boots, various types of hand gloves, hard hats, inclement weather-resistant clothing, special eyewear, etc.


CKA has recorded sustained high growth over the past several years.

YearTurn Over (Excluding cost of Steel & Cement)
201677.74 Cr
201795.68 Cr
201840.07 Cr
201953.14 Cr
202059.32 Cr

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